A downloadable game for Windows

This is the Game for the Game Makers Toolkit Jam #1 from the Game Jammers group! (Homepage: http://jamming.games/)

From the team, theese people contributed:

  • Democore
  • Skiastra
  • Oliver
  • magnor

In the game, you control two grappling hooks which shoot you around the world! But they also grab enemies, throw them, and end the level. Enemies not only shoot at you, they are also the key to break the red gates! The crosshair is not only a crosshair, but also the juice for the slow motion toggle. The slow motion also makes blue platforms interactable!

The uploaded version is a windows build.

We developed it in Unity 2017.1.0f3, we created all assets ourselves.


Hookjam 1.1 Jam Release 15 MB
Hookjam 1.3 Post Jam Update 24 MB


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Uuh .. So I died 3 times in the tutorial ^^ I'm so bad

Lovely concept, fluid gameplay, the blue rectangle are a little bit tricky to grab due to the inertia who's off the chart ! But i had fun anyway o/

No worries, I died many more times in the tutorial during the countless tests :D

Thank you very much for playing, we're super happy you had fun!


Fantastic concept! Feels remarkably good. Could use an indicator for if the cursor is on something in graple-able range (prolly simple with a raycast?) and quality of life could use the time freeze resetting upon "death".

Spent a BUNCH of time playing around with this, great job.

Thanks very much for your feedback! 

You're definetly right, there should be an idicator for when the grapple can reach and when not.

And yes, it would keep you from standing around waiting for the slow motion to refill. 

Thanks alot for the input and we're super happy you liked the game!! :)